On both days there will be a chance for your group to perform and receive feedback from Deke. Sign up below.

You can also join the Festival Choir that will rehearse during the festival and perform with Deke at the Festival Concert.

Take the Stage

Take The Stage is your chance to get feedback from Deke Sharon.

Perform an a cappella song in any style as a: 

  • small ensemble (4 to 7 singers)
  • chorus/choir (8 or more singers).

Perform as a male, female, or mixed group.

Go to the link below to express interest in performing.



In these interactive workshops, choruses /choirs or ensembles will have the opportunity to work directly with Deke refining their vocal skills. The audience will gain from seeing how techniques and skills are applied to a live group. The workshops will cover:

  • Close Harmony Blend/Improving Tuning - as singers we all want the best blend possible. But how? By looking at the four elements of sound (pitch, duration, loudness and timbre), discover how you can improve your group's blend.
  • Improve Tuning: From an understanding of the fundamental elements of sound and how they combine and align into a perfectly tuned chord through a series of exercises, learn how you and your group can maximise your sound without compromising the energy and impact of your performance. 

Suitable for singers of all ages, choir and chorus conductors, teachers and vocal coaches.

If you're interested in being one of the groups to work directly with Deke on stage, please express your interest here.You will need to have two pieces ready.