Young Singers in Harmony is the Youth Outreach program of Barbershop Harmony Australia. Young Singers in Harmony encourages all types of a cappella singing.

Young Singers in Harmony reaches out to young men and women to introduce them to a cappella singing including the barbershop harmony style. Young Singers in Harmony particularly encourages youth to become involved in the Sydney A Cappella Festival.

We provide educational and performance opportunities for young people as well as offer music educators support to include some study and performance of barbershop in their music programs and in the choral repertoire. 


Educators talk about the advantages of students learning barbershop

Let's be honest. We would like you to include some barbershop in your choral repertoire. But we don't want to overwhelm you. Take a listen to what these educators say about the advantages of including some barbershop in their programs.

Introduction To Barbershop Worksheet

Here's an Introduction to Barbershop worksheet that may be useful for years 9-12 students.

7 Week Teaching Pack

This series of lessons can be used to give students an overview of barbershop and prepare them for singing in this a cappella style. It's worth having a look.

Music Educators Guide and Songbook files

Click here for the Music Educators Guide to Barbershop: Songbook and learning files  (password: harmony), a great resource for the classroom as well as with school choirs and ensembles. (These resources have been prepared by the Barbershop Harmony Society).


Music and learning tracks

We can provide your group or school with access to copies of free music and some learning tracks. Chordbusters March, Barbara Ann, The Lion Sleeps Tonight (boy’s pieces). Barbara Ann and the Lion Sleeps Tonight are also suitable for mixed choir  - easily split for girls. Since You Went Away is another mixed arrangement with learning tracks. Yesterday, Lean on Me are just some of the arrangements available for young women, along with Happy Birthday, Mr Sandman. 

Further details are at the bottom of this page. 



Teaching with Barbershop Tags Teachers Notes


Here is a single sheet of three tags for trying out with your group.



Go to Tags and Learning Tracks for 125 tags and learning tracks. All fun!

Young Singers In Harmony – Music Resources

Barbershop Harmony Australia is committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. As part of that commitment, the organisation has created the Young Singers in Harmony Program to assist music educators include barbershop in the curriculum and in the choral repertoire. Barbershop style, four voice parts performed a cappella, creates exciting chords and helps to develop strong independent singers.

Sheet Music

We are able to provide music educators with a free copy of each of the following titles:

 Music for Young Men

  • Chord Buster’s March (including learning tracks)
  • The Longest Time (novice piece)
  • Since You Went Away (novice piece)

For the pieces above contact Kieran O'Dea our VP Youth Development youth@barbershop.org.au.


The Barbershop Harmony Society offers a number of young men’s pieces for download in their Free 'N Easy series. There are over 30 songs with both music and learning tracks. There are no restrictions on copying.

Mixed Pieces

Young Singers in Harmony can provide the following:

  • Since You Went Away (including learning tracks)
  • The Longest Time (above) easily split for girls.
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight (above) easily split for girls

For these pieces contact VP Youth Kieran O'Dea at youth@barbershop.org.auKieran is a music teacher and can also help organise barbershop activities at your school.

Music For Young Women

The Young Women in Harmony Program of Sweet Adelines offers a number of free pieces to download. Titles include:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Lean On Me
  • Mr Sandman
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • Yesterday

The Barbershop Harmony Society also offers a number of songs arranged for young women, along with learning tracks. These are available at the Free 'N Easy series. There are no restrictions on copying.

Copyright Restrictions

With the above materials, schools are expected to abide by the Australian guidelines Copying Sheet Music In Schools.