High Energy Classes With Deke

Both days there will be a mix of classes and workshops. 

In the interactive classes, Deke will soon have everyone on their feet singin', clappin' and stompin' before you know it! Everyone sings in these interactive classes as Deke uses contemporary songs to weave the magic of blend and harmonisation – a cappella style. Deke will also include some vocal percussion techniques so prepare your mouth to be challenged! 


      1. Introduction to Contemporary a Capella

      2. Starting a Group

      3. Managing Rehearsals

      4. Close Harmony Blend/Improving Tuning


       1. Contemporary a Capella arranging using a tried and true 10 step formula.

        2. Singing Instruments. In contemporary a cappella people can sound like drums, guitars,       horns, and a myriad of other instruments. Learn how to use one or many voices to sound like instruments, and work them into your arrangements.

         3. Development of Style. So you’ve sung the standards, and know many other group’s biggest songs. Now what? Learn how to take your group’s unique strengths and interests and build them into a style that’s all your own. We’ll address musical style as well as visual and performance style. Before you know it, other groups will be singing your songs

         4. Q&A. This session is an open question and answer period that gives you an opportunity to raise issues and topics that are of interest to your group, or that tie together multiple concepts raised earlier in the day.